access_filter and native derived table

  • 25 November 2021
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Hello Looker Experts, 


After adding an access_filter to an explore I get the following warning:

Persistent Native Derived Table for view "booking_aggregate_by_case" has an explore source "booking" that has access filters. Persisting this table may result in unexpected behavior.

As the warning says, the explore is used to create that view. 

I guess the unexpected behavior is

When native derived tables are built from Explores that use user attributes with access_filters, or with sql_always_where — Copies of the table will be built in your database for each possible user attribute value specified.

That would be fine for me. The problem is that I can not get rid of that warning. 


Things I have considered: 

Turning the Persistent Native Derived Table into a Native Derived Table: Unfortunately I need this table to be persisted for performance. 

Turning the Persistent Native Derived Table into a Persisted SQL Derived TableI do not want to do this, as some of the fields used are build from complex look-ml expressions that are likely to change. In that case the SQL would not be updated and give wrong results. 

Enabling Commit with Warnings: So far the best option. But I do not like the idea of getting more and more warnings once I turn this on. So far, all warnings produced where sensible and could be easily fixed. Except for this one.


Do you have another Idea?

What is your recommendation to deal with this?

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