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  • 21 February 2018
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I hope that everyone is looking fine and dandy 😉

I have an issue with my Zapier Webhooks. Basically, I have a look that I’m trying to push daily to Google Sheets.

And when I schedule an email to be sent, the payload received seems to be a JSON file, like I expect.

However, when I schedule the same look to be sent to Zapier I get a weird data format that I’m not sure how to parse in Zapier.

Is there documentation on the data format sent to Zapier or any idea of how to go around parsing it to fill rows in Google Sheets?

Thank you so much!!

3 replies

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It’s been a while since I worked with Zapier, and things may have changed, but this article shows how I was able to use the JSON payload then:

Thanks Fabio, I think that either Looker or Zapier have changed since you that post. I managed to progress a bit since making this post but I’m still struggling. IF you’re interested, look at this update

@saleh That link no longer returns. I am having issues with the auth as well. Would love to see how you got it to work.