Using Lookerbot for Slack

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Hi Holger,

Thanks for letting us know the preference. At the moment using wild card would be the only option. We have a feature request to allow the default filtering using “contains”. I have +1 for you.


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Does anyone know of a way to restrict data through this? We’d like to limit lookerbot queries to just our managers, but we have more users than that on our Slack instance.

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I think you generally cannot restrict Lookerbot access at this time— We’re working on an updated slack integration that’ll have this functionality, and you might be able to tinker with the lookerbot code (it’s open source! to get what you’re after, since I think it’s theoretically possible.

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Cool! Thanks izzy, but I’ve got my hands full with more sought-after other Looker fun, so I’m going to wait for your new integration. I know you guys will do the better job of it anyways 🙂