Using Looker API for LookML Dashboards

  • 1 July 2022
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We’re trying to use the LookerAPI to work with LookML dashboards and recreate specific charts in Jupyter notebooks. We’ve been able to do this using User Defined Dashboards, but are running into issues applying the same logic to LookML dashboards.
Specifically, we use functions such as sdk.search_dashboard_elements and pass in a dashboard_id for user defined dashboards. However, this doesnt work for our LookML dashboards. Do you have suggestions for another way to use this function on LookML dashboards?
Additionally, on our UDDs we loop through our tiles which either have query_id's or merge_result_id's and store the queries, run them using _sdk.run_inline_query, and save the results in a pandas dataframe. The tiles on our LookML dashboards don’t have these attributes, so we’re unable to access them in the same way. Do you have suggestions for another way to access these tiles?
More generally, if there are tools and functions available that would more seamlessly allow us to use the Looker API with both UDDs and LookML dashboards, we’d love to be pointed to those!

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