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  • 4 June 2020
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How do I get the license type of a user via the API?

In the admin panel, there are yesno dimensions for is viewer, is explorer, is embed etc but I don’t see those as attributes of the user object in the Python SDK (3.1 and 4.0)

These are the attributes I am seeing:

User(can=None, avatar_url=None, avatar_url_without_sizing=None, credentials_api3=None, credentials_email=None, credentials_embed=None, credentials_google=None, credentials_ldap=None, credentials_looker_openid=None, credentials_oidc=None, credentials_saml=None, credentials_totp=None, display_name=None, email=‘’, embed_group_space_id=None, first_name=‘Carl’, group_ids=None, home_folder_id=None, id=xx, is_disabled=False, last_name=‘Anderson’, locale=None, looker_versions=None, models_dir_validated=None, personal_folder_id=None, presumed_looker_employee=None, role_ids=None, sessions=None, ui_state=None, verified_looker_employee=None, roles_externally_managed=None, allow_direct_roles=None, allow_normal_group_membership=None, allow_roles_from_normal_groups=None, url=None)

2 replies

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Dont know its available via the SDK but you could fetch this info from the “User” system activity explore.

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(and of course, you can run a query to get that info via the API. You’re right that license_type isn’t exposed via the API, I think it might be part of the LookML model that powers system activity so isn’t available in the raw api data.)