Unlimited results webquery to excel?

  • 27 November 2018
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Hi, I know there are options through the API and “download” but a lot of people here use the webquery to excel and wish to pull more rows that you can stipulate in the UI, is there a way or is there any changes coming to this in the (near) future?


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Through the API you have the ability to download with a higher limit or unlimited. You could create a VBA script that hits the relevant Looker API endpoint to get the results. This code sample on Stackoverflow seems to outline the basic structure of such a script.

You’ll need to add authentication for the API (the login workflow and subsequently pass the returned token in the headers) and update the endpoint itself. I’m not an avid user of VBA so I can’t provide any actual code snippets, but I’ve done something similar for Google Sheets that follows the same structure in Apps Script (JS).