Sharing Public Links (URLs) with limits over 5000

  • 17 April 2015
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Warning: Running queries without a limit is not recommended. Only use this feature if you know for a fact that the query will not cause significant strain on the database. Calculate the possibility that these queries may be run by multiple users many times a day.

###Deprecation Notice

If you’re on Looker 5.6+ you’ll be able to import with a >5k limit using an api script in a Google Sheet. The below method will not work if you’re on version 5.6+.

###How do I do it?

These steps must be followed in exactly in order. Do not run the query until you’ve confirmed the public link does in fact run without a limit.

  1. Create a fresh query from the explore page, or explore a query from a Look. The limit will only be adjustable to a size above 5000 from the explore page.

  2. Add a large limit (if you want unlimited, add something arbitrarily large, i.e. 9000000).

    • In app queries will always have a max limit of 5000, no matter how what the Look is saved with.

  3. Save the Look.

  4. Select Make Public from the gear dropdown in the upper right, check the box for Public Access and hit Save.

  5. The Public URLs should now have no limit applied.

  6. At this point the Look will default to a limit of 5000, while the public links will not.

1 reply

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On the arbitrarily large limit in step 2 - make sure it’s a limit that your database can accept. For example, some databases error out on a limit of 90 billion.