Share query for Embed user type

  • 6 March 2018
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We are using Embed user type to do the integration with SFDC. I do not see a Share menu item when I use that type of user.

However, when I sudo to this user from Admin, I do see the item.

Is it available for Embed user type?

5 replies

Hi Arkadi,

That is correct, Embed Users will not see the “Share” Button in the way Admin/Non-Embed Users with adequate permissions will.

Here is a helpful doc on saving and browsing content from an embed space which goes over some of the permissions an embed user may be granted: Saving and Browsing Content from the Embedded Context [4.8+]



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We have both schedule_look_emails and schedule_external_look_emails granted to the user. Here is the full list:


So as embed user I do see Schedule and I can do it. Also, I can save to a space.

The issue is I do not see Share item. Our use case is a user creates a Look, then generates short URL using Share and gives it to another user as a quick share mechanism.

We can tell the users to always go through save as a look and just provide a name to another user to look at it, but Share feature is much nicer and I am not sure why embed user does not see it.

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Hello Arkadi, yes embed users are prevented from seeing the share option, regardless of what other permissions they have. Here’s a good article an easily sharing explores with other looker users: I think the browser url is going to be the best way, it’s longer than the shortened url, but not as detailed and silly looking as the expanded url. Hope this is helpful 🙂

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Thanks for the suggestion. Our main problem is users do not see the URL, we are embedding Looks/Dashboards into SFDC using an iframe. So the looker URL is completely hidden from users and they cannot simply bookmark/share the Looks/dashboards with selected parameters and we are trying to figure out how to have this feature available as it is a major usability issue to force user always select 5-7 filters without any shortcuts before they get the data.

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Ah, I see that is a limitation. One thing they could try would be to right click the iframe, click on “Inspect” and get the url form the src parameter of the iframe.

Note that this will take you to the embed version of the look, not to the looker instance itself.