Send Looks report using Action Hub

  • 9 August 2022
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I have setup an Action Hub using server implementation of Action API,  

I’m able to send dashboard with this Action Hub perfectly fine, But when I’m trying to send the reports via Looks the payload coming from looker to Action Hub is not having any attachment’s


Here the same json payload response send from looker to Action Hub,

Executing send_to_actionHub
  type: 'query',
  scheduled_plan: {
    scheduled_plan_id: '112',
    title: 'Test12',
    type: 'Look',
    url: '',
    query_id: '2233',
    query: {
      id: '2233',
      view: 'View_Name',
      fields: [Array],
      pivots: null,
      fill_fields: null,
      filters: [Object],
      filter_expression: null,
      sorts: [Array],
      limit: '500',
      column_limit: '50',
      total: true,
      row_total: null,
      subtotals: null,
      vis_config: [Object],
      filter_config: null,
      visible_ui_sections: null,
      slug: '8cQWS8w',
      client_id: 'zassaswwe,
      share_url: '',
      expanded_share_url: '',
      url: '',
      has_table_calculations: false,
      model: 'model_test',
      dynamic_fields: '[]',
      query_timezone: null,
      quick_calcs: [],
      analysis_config: null
    filters_differ_from_look: false,
    download_url: ''
  attachment: null,
  data: { user_login: 'test_user' },
  form_params: {
    send_notification: 'True',
    email: '
    email_subject: 'Test12 Mail',
    email_body: 'Test12 Mail',
    format: 'xlsx'


Can anyone help me here.


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