Scheduled Look is e-mailed even though the Look contains no results

Hi all,

I’ve created several Looks from a view which is based on a derived table. The Look (without any filters active) will show a handful of records, but I’ve created the Looks with several default filter values such that most of the time, the Look will display ‘No results’ (except when some extreme values are reached, in which case the Look will show a record for the object reaching an extreme value).

These Looks are scheduled every hour, but I’ve selected Send if: there are results and results changed since last run. Hence, it should not send me any e-mails as long as there are no results if I’m correct. However, it does send e-mails every hour, all of the time having a visualisation which says ‘No results’.

See below the scheduling details:

What am I missing here? Why is not working as I’d think it should work?

As additional info, we’re running Looker 4.14. Let me know if you need any more info 🙂


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Hey @Tomas,

Hope you are doing good. This is a known issue on our end, so you are not missing anything. To get this to work as expected I would encourage you to use any other Format, rather then Inline Visualization . I hope this answers your question.



Hi @Aleksandrs_Vederniko,

Thanks for your quick reply!

Would an inline table work? Or do similar issues occur?



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Yes, TABLE (HTML) will work.

Hi Sasha,

We’ve got the same problem - and TABLE(HTML) is not good enough - we really need more visual representation here. Is there any plan to fix this bug?


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Hey @Lukasz_Korbolewski

Our Engineering Team is aware of the issue and is working on the fix. However I am in no position to comment on timeframes on the fix. At the moment please use workaround we suggested above.



I’m told this has been fixed in 4.18.

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Hey @jonpalmer,

Yes, we can confirm. Our team has fixed an issue where visualization issues could result in an empty CSV download in the 4.18 release.

Hi @jonpalmer or @Aleksandrs_Vederniko – It seems like at the time this issue was reported, there was work in progress to fix inline visualizations from sending when “Send if there are results” was selected. (At least that what I’m picking up on from Alek’s messages).

Is the work to fix this still in progress? Is there any plans in the near future correct this?

I realize with later versions we are no longer able to select “Send if there are results”, while having Email/Visualizations selected. Was this the fix? to remove the option to select this?

Following up on this because not having this option is a major headache for my team.


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Hi Coop,

We have indeed removed that feature in later versions. It doesn’t look like adding the feature back in is on our roadmap currently, however I will definitely pass on feedback to our product team to let them know that you would like to see this feature in our product.



This is still relevant also after 3 years