Open drill webpage in the same tab

  • 19 February 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi Guys, I am embedding a look in my application and using a link to open up a specific page on my application but Looker is opening it in another tab rather than the one where look resides. I need to open the webpage in the same tab. Please help!

3 replies

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Hey @Praveen_Kumar,

How are you defining your link?

Our doc on the link parameter here explains the behavior for the links.

Alternatively, you can replace the link with html in which you define the href and target parameter for your link to control its behavior.

Hi @romain.ducarrouge

You are a life saviour. It worked. I used the html with href and target and it worked.



Hey guys,


Im trying to switch the link with html on a measure, but all I get when I click the value is the default drill down screen (the show all # option).


Any ideas?