Offset parameter to Looker API - Run Inline query

  • 7 March 2018
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As we know, we can pass values to parameter ‘Limit’ to Looker API, however is there any way by which we can pass the ‘Offset’ parameter to Looker API?

By using this ‘Offset’ parameter we can skip first few records from result set.


5 replies

Hi Kaushal,

Currently it is not possible to pass the ‘Offset’ parameter to Looker API. You can find the available parameters in the API reference docs under Admin > API > View API Docs.

As this issue has been raised before, I will forward your request to the product team as an additional example.



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Thank you Jonathan.

This will be really helpful if we get this functionality implemented in Looker API.

Is this offset functionality implemented or is it on roadmap? I couldn’t find any reference about this in the documentation. 

+1 request for this features.

I was looking for this and its strange to know we have limit but no offset in the API.
When this will come?