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  • 9 May 2022
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What would be the new URL for the updated Looker API

I am still using the same as before but it doesn't work for me anymore? I am very sure an updated API wouldn't change anything with this part but i want to confirm. The url works if i use the 443 port and takes me to the login page but the port 19999 doesn't work anymore. 


I sometimes get a 502 error or a 400 error using the same url as above. If I’m using this with older version environments it works just fine and gives me the message 

auth required and refer to the


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2 replies

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We changed the endpint and it worked .I assume during setup it wasnt done properly

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Hi Sri!


Could you check the URL set in your looker instance?


for instance:




Please consider reading this API doc


In my case, I had to add a “/4.0/” in the main base URL  to get a beta method. If you are getting any error messages in your app, please consider sharing the error message screenshot.


If possible, enable debug messages in the log section of your app to review if you are getting an error message,if any