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  • 24 February 2021
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Hi all,

Im trying to customize the look and feel of Looker (UI) Im wondering if anyone knows a way to ;

  1. customize the color theme of the UI (not dashboards or visuals)


  2. hide/remove certain web functionalities on the homepage (Ex: collapse hamburger menu/data-sidebar on the left + board information menu on the rightside, see attachments).     

so far I have been trying to do this in the API SDk functions but dont see anything pertaining to these 


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3 replies

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Colour theme can’t be changed as far as I know. Collapsing the board details is not configurable also (only the X in the top right corner).


I would like to know how did you replace the logo? 0_o

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I would like to know how did you replace the logo? 0_o

Once you have enabled Whitelabel functionality (extra :moneybag: ) for your instance, then you should be able to make this change.

update: this can be done but requires development outside looker, then you need to use the extension framework to embed as an application in looker

still in process ..will update