Lookr - Override 5000 row limit

  • 5 January 2017
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Hi All,

When using the lookr R package, is it possible to override the 5000 row limit when using the run_inline_query function?



19 replies

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Hey Dean!

To avoid the row limit, you can simply not specify a row limit parameter in the API call! This does require that you have the “download without limit” permission in your user settings. Let me know if you have any questions!


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This just made my day.


Thanks Morgan.

I have searched for the ‘download without limit’ option but i am unable to find it.

Where would I find this option?

I am using version 3.54.



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Hey @deancarr, this is a permission for a user. You can find it in the Admin > Roles > Edit Role panel, where you’ll get options like this:

Let me know if this helps!

It is working!

Thank you Morgan & Sam.

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Is there a way to override the 5000 row limit when using the Looker UI? Not only for downloading the data, but in general for the data being displayed in Looks? I’d really like to sort on row totals, but am prevented by my data results returning more than 5000 rows.


@barend_l There isn’t a way presently to allow more then 5000 rows for UI explore queries. The Limit is there to protect the browser from memory pressure. I will highlight your use case to our product team though. If there’s any further information relating to your request, please do let us know by hopping on chat or emailing us here ->

Hi @William_Lane,

Thanks for the reply! Perhaps it is possible to have it optionally removed like with the API calls.


Thanks @barend_l I’ll chat to the product team for you on that one

HI Everyone…

Is this sorted out or resolved?

I am facing issues with this.



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Hi Harika,

For API calls without limit (ie. streaming), you can leave the parameter empty. From the UI, Looker supports a row limit of up to 5000 and recommends a column limit of 50 or less. If you need more than 5K rows, consider a csv or other type of download. Depending on your database (will it stream?), you can set it to ‘unlimited results’ or a custom row limit with a maximum of 100K rows.

Hi Brecht,

I didn’t get you can you please explain in breif,

I have below 2 queries:

  1. In table chart am able to see only 50 rows.

  2. When i create a look, the sql runner is limiting it to 5000 rows.

    Could you please help me out with this.



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@Harika, Looker supports a row limit of up to 5000, the same goes for the table visualisation as well as results through SQL runner. This is to avoid browser performance issues with big result sets. If you need more than 5K rows, consider a csv or other type of download.

But my row limit is limited to only 50 rows in table report.

can i know the reason, If i download that to csv, am able to get only 50rows.



Hi @Harika, in order to debug what is happening in your case, we need more info on this. Could you please send an email to with more details on that specific query, or come to our chat support? From there we could help you more.

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to provide a correction here:

At this time, leaving the row limit blank in an api call will not give unlimited results. The best way to do this is to put a massively large row limit in the API call. Apologies for any confusion!

Is there a limit to how “massively large” this row limit can be? i.e. can I just make it 1,000,000,000?

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Hey @gabriel,

Yes, you could put in 1,000,000,000 for the row limit, but keep in mind that very large downloads may strain your instance’s resources. I would recommend testing with smaller row limits first to make sure that your instance can handle a download of this size.

Hi all!


any updates on that?