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  • 2 December 2015
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Hey Scott,

While I haven’t played with the looker api too much, I am curious about this project.

Is the purpose simply to pull data into R via the looker api or to be able to construct models in R and let our Looker users user/interact with these models?



7 replies

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For those interested in some example code, here is some simple sample code.

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sdhoover I tried your LookR package a month or so ago. I found it worked as promised. It is a little bit difficult though from thinking of querying in SQL terminology to the syntax to query the Looker model though.


Check out Hadley & Co.'s Packages

Also, a good reference, though now a bit dated, is the R Import Export Manual

The R community on Stackoverflow is very active and could help you in this regard as well.


Scott, I think having the ability to expose through Looker our work and models done in R would be amazing. This way, our business users can go to one single place, as opposed to getting reports from Looker and model outputs from, say, a Shiny dashboard.



Hey Scott, Truthfully, it would be the latter which we are after. We already have several ways of getting data from R to the database.

psyched to see what comes next

Hey Scott,

Would you recommend some good dictionaries for writing raw SQL queries from the R console?