Looker PDT metadata access to build dependency tree

  • 19 December 2017
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We are building a ‘data lineage graph’ where we want to combine the dependencies from multiple stacked BigQuery views with the dependency chain from code that is in multiple stacked PDT’s

For that we need access to the Looker metadata repository (via the API?) so that we can see the SQL / LookML where PDT’s are made of. We want to use Python for this.

Is this possible OR do we need to scrape our github repo for that metadata?

1 reply

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Hi @Rogier_Werschkull,

Looker’s metadata isn’t available through any api endpoints. The recommended solution is to use a text parser to parse through the lookml files. Once you retrieve your lookml files (by importing the remote repo via command line, for example) you can parse through them for the derived table sql. I hope that helps!


Philip M.