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  • 17 October 2016
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I like the “embed verifier” in the admin section.

It would be handy to have some other tooling such as:

  • Generate a Looker embed URL with the secret, access filters set right according to the currently logged in user (or maybe pick user from a drop down);

  • Command-line app to generate Looker embed URLs

  • An API call that would generate a Looker embed URL

Where we are going with this is that we would like to make it MUCH easier for staff to create embed links themselves and put them into a private wiki.

3 replies

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Hi John,

I love the suggestion for an API to generate SSO embed URLs from provided parameters.

However, some of the examples you cite suggest static embed links in static pages. Those won’t work well with SSO embed because SSO URLs are valid only for a limited length of time (5 minutes, I think), to prevent exploits like replay attacks. You can certainly embed Looker content in something like a wiki page, but there will need to be some server-side dynamics to it to create a fresh SSO embed link each time the page is requested.

Another possibility is to use public share links in your wiki pages or other static content. Public share links are good forever. The downside of course is that public links are public, with no per-user access filters or access control.

Having a Looker API call that generates an SSO embed URL sounds more doable. Having your content server could call a Looker API to generate embed URLs might be easier than implementing the embed URL construction yourself. I’ll create a feature suggestion to track this (so I don’t forget!) and make some inquiries.



What is this ““embed verifier” in the admin section” that John is referring to?

Does this image help?