Looker automation using APIs (looker_sdk) from the QA stand point

  • 21 July 2021
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Hey Everyone,


I am new to looker and I have been given an opportunity to learn and add QA validations to looker at our work place

Please help me out if you are aware of the answers to my questions below 

  1. What type of tests can we add as part of QA?
  2. Do we need to leverage apis and develop framework using the languages like python or is there a way to achieve QA validations within looker itself?

Please help. Thanks in advance


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1 reply

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Hi @naren@looker 


There is a LookML test endpoint you can use:

This will run a LookML test also known as data tests. This can help validate queries/ LookML objects against known results. This article has more details and lists a few examples. 


There is also a validate endpoint that returns a list of errors. 


Alternatively, there are a few tools/workflows created by third-parties/individuals which are generally not supported. These include Lams and Spectacles


Please let me know if you have any other questions.