Looker API Swagger Bug

  • 20 October 2019
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I found an error with the Looker API Swagger Schema Definition (API v3.1) for the GET /folders endpoint. The id field in the Swagger schema is string, however the data returned is integer.

Swagger Schema:

"Folder": {
"x-looker-status": "beta",
"required": [
"properties": {
"looks": {
"items": {
"$ref": "#/definitions/LookWithDashboards"


"id": {
"readOnly": true,
"description": "Unique Id",
"x-looker-nullable": false,
"type": "string"


Data returned from API GET request:

"child_count": 10,
"content_metadata_id": 1,
"creator_id": null,
"external_id": null,
"id": 5,
"is_embed": false,
"is_embed_shared_root": false,
"is_embed_users_root": false,
"is_personal": false,
"is_personal_descendant": false,
"is_shared_root": true,
"is_users_root": false,
"name": "Shared",
"parent_id": null

It seems the Swagger definition for this endpoint needs to be updated.

Is this the correct forum to log these type of bugs?

5 replies

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Thanks for reporting, Jeff! Bugs surfaced here get routed to our engineering teams, but you can also report issues to support via or in-app chat.

I’ve filed this one, and will post any status updates in this thread. This is one that will be super easy to fix, but it’s also low priority as it has negligible impact, so we can’t make any timeline commitments right now.


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Thanks, I found a few strange differences - especially for some IDs, Values, and Counts that are sometimes strings and sometimes integers in your data. Please let me know if there is someone I can contact to send over all of the JSON schema differences that I found.

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Hey Jeff, if you have a bunch of things, it’d probably be best to shoot them over to support via a ticket at That’ll get it routed to the right place. Thanks!

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Fix is in development 🔧

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We’ve fixed this in the new API 4.0 🎉