Looker API: Run Inline Query: Filters: How to pass OR condition and date filters

  • 26 October 2016
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I am trying to use Looker API: run_inline_query(result_format, body).

It works as expected with simple filter conditions based on equality. I am also able to get it work with multiple equality based conditions.

  1. I am struggling to provide, multiple values for 1 condition with an OR. So, the example below filters on (socks AND shirts). I want to filter on (socks OR shirts) - Just like looker interface.

  2. How do I provide non equality bases conditions: For e.g. date between ‘2001-01-01’ and ‘2001-12-31’?

  3. How do I check IS NULL?

  4. How do I check for functions like substring (contains)?

  5. How do I provide negative conditions - like ‘NOT equal to’ or ‘does not contain’?

I am very well familiar with SQL but new to JSON.

Body format is:






“sorts”:[“products.count desc 0”],




6 replies

Nevermind… I figured it out. 🙂

I was able to create the body for an existing look using its slug.

I can now add any filter to the look, create the body and see how its implemented in the body.

Hi can you please share what was the solution for this. I am also struggling for the same issue.

@jaknap Can you please share the solution you found for passing the OR condition to inline query body?

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Hi @pmetha

The best way to find out what values need to be inserted is to run the desired query in the UI explore, then go to Admin --> Queries panel and see the query id that was run. Then run the query(query_id) API call to see in what format was the query generated.

If in the explore I use the following custom filter: ${} = "London" OR ${users.last_name} = "Smith", the generated API format will be "filter_expression": "${} = \"London\" OR ${users.last_name} = \"Smith\""

I hope this clarifies it!

I am trying a date expression and can only get a single date to work in the filter…

I need the following to work----

{"model":"performance-reporting","view":"acf_request_filtered","fields":["feedback.start_date","feedback.topic_name","feedback.all_responses_received","person.full_name","owner_person.full_name","topic.anonymous"],"filters":{"feedback.start_date":["2020-11-26" , range of dates - OR AN EXPRESSION ]},"sorts":["feedback.start_date desc 0"]}

Hi @looker-ulti,


I’ve discovered that if you click Get LookML on an Explore you can see the yaml version of the query:

billing.usage_start_date: 2021/02/21 to 2021/03/22

If you then translate the filter seen to JSON, it appears to work fine with the API.