Looker Api. Retriving metadata

  • 30 October 2015
  • 2 replies

Is there a possibility to get dashboards lookML metadata i.e. title, width,… using ruby app for looker (looker_sdk) ?

2 replies

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Hey Michal - in our new API (which is accessible in the API section of the Admin panel), there are functions that let you access data for all dashboards or a particular dashboard. This will give you the title of the dashboard, as well as some other meta data.

For width, what are you imagining it to return for this? The max width of the dashboard in pixels? The max width of elements in the dashboard?

Hi, Lindsey.

Thanks for your answer!

I would like to get the dashboard name with width and heigth in pixels.

I managed to get to API section in Admin panel.

Everything seems to be clear.