Looker API - Inline Query Missing Fields

  • 24 February 2021
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Hey guys,

I am currently using Looker API 3.1 and this seems very helpful.

run_inline_query is very useful for me, and quite straightforward to use.

Works very good but i have one issue:

Given a query definition like this

"model": "my_model",
"view": "my_view",
"fields": [
"filters": {
"country.country_code": "de",
"day.day_date": "2 years"

If for different reasons (let’s) assume that dimension day.day_date is renamed to day_new.day_date, but i send the query definition with the old name, the API call will not return an error (saying that the field cannot be found) but will simply ignore that entry and will send data for the default timerange defined inside the explorer. And of course this is wrong.

Is there any way, in cases like the one described, an error will be forced?

Its is better to know that there is an issue with the call than silently receive wrong data.


Thank you 

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