Looker API 4.0 /auth endpoint (CORS)

  • 2 March 2021
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I’m creating a Google Sheets app for users that makes calls to the Looker API. I’d like them to oath to Looker rather than having to disribute clients IDs & secrets. I believe ths is possible via the 4.0 API as described here. However, this references the /auth endpoint for which no documentation seems to exist either here or elsewhere.  

Does any documentation exist for the /auth endpoint? Or, can someone let me know which of the following paramater are required:

  const params = {
response_type: 'code',
client_id: '123456',
redirect_uri: '',
scope: 'cors_api',
state: '1235813',
code_challenge_method: 'S256',
code_challenge: code_challenge,


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