Location of Filters on dashboards

  • 1 June 2022
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I wanted to know why the location of filters on Looker dashboards are fixed. The filters are stuck at the top of the dashboards.

Though , this renders a neat outlay to the entire dashboard …. it sometimes confuses the audience/presenter when we have multiple filters applicable to multiple tiles.

For eg. If I have School Name as a filter...and it is applicable to 1st 2 tiles of a dashboard, and Student Rank as another filter applicable to last 2 tiles….  the relation between filter and related tile would be clear if the filters could be located next to concerned tiles instead of a common location at the top of the dashboard.

I was curious to know why Looker chose to house all filters on the top…. and if users could be given flexibility of moving these filters near related tiles….




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2 replies

With the new release, you should have the ability to change the location in the dashboard settings. It’s not much, but they at least are not at the top!

There are many articles on how to put the filters in a Text box using some cool HTML tricks, if you are interested in a completely different look than what you get out of the box!

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@Easy Money  where are these fabled articles?