Kill Queries Example Script

  • 19 July 2021
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Hi all, 

Running an excessive amount queries simultaneously may lead to degraded Looker instance performance, especially queries run by an API user to send out bulk schedules or queries requiring post-processing features (such as merged results, custom fields, and table calculations). In these situations, the fastest way to bring an instance back to a normal stage is to kill all running queries to help with restoring CPU and memory.  

I am sharing an example script to kill running queries using Looker Python SDK (either all running queries, or selective queries with two optional arguments: 'user_id' and 'source')

Link to Google Colab to run as an one-off task. 

import looker_sdk
sdk = looker_sdk.init40()

def kill_queries(user_id=None, source=None):

  """Kill running queries in an instance.
  user_id(int): id of the user whose queries are to be killed 
  source(str): common values are 'merge_query', 'explore', 'dashboard', 'look', 'regenerator'  

  queries = sdk.all_running_queries()

  if len(queries) == 0:
    print('Currently, there is no running query in the instance')
    for i in range(0, len(queries)):   
        if queries[i]['source'] == source or queries[i]['user']['id'] == user_id: 
          print('Killed query task id' + queries[i]['query_task_id'])

          print('Currently, there are no running queries that meet the conditions')

kill_queries(user_id=1, source='merge_query')


2 replies

hi Lan, I have been trying to download dashboards in pdf format but no luck using looker_sdk.. by any chance do you have anything handy ?


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Hi Naren, have you tried testing with this example script from Looker Python SDK example repo?