Internal query API's public equivalent ("api/internal/querymanager/queries")

  • 8 March 2022
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It looks like you are using following endpoint in your dashboard(“POST api/internal/querymanager/queries”), I need its public equivalent.

It looks like current public query endpoints doesn’t return similar data and I couldn’t find an API that give this detailed data.

Basically I want to get formatted data with subtotals and totals, this endpoint already does that. How can I achieve this? If you don’t have it currently, is there a plan to create an endpoint like this for public API?




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2 replies

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Hi Mehmetry. 


Can you please share which API method are you using?

There are some options in the API explore :





Hi Leo,

I’m using following API method. It accepts a few parameters but it is very limited. It doesn’t support totals or pivot.

And also when you request formatted data, it doesn’t return original data at all, only returns formatted data. It would be good to get both of them.

If you can suggest any other endpoint in API 3.1 or API 4, I’m happy to try them.