Important notice to Gazer (gzr) users on Looker 22.4+

  • 23 March 2022
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Important notice to Gazer (gzr) users on Looker 22.4+
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Looker 22.4, releasing in March 2022, will promote the 4.0 API from beta to generally available (GA). Among the changes (check the full list), space is now deprecated and replaced by folder. If you are currently using Gazer, here are the two approaches to mitigate the changes

(1) Update to the latest version of Gazer from the repository
Add --api_version 3.1 to your gzr commands

Note: Gazer is not supported by Looker, please file issues in the Gazer repository for any issues and feedback. 

2 replies

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Thank you! This fixed our issues today.

im looking to move every dashboard and looks with the folder structure to another instance of looker. i found gzr space export 1 --host --dir .
which does imports the space with all the looks and dashboards but how do i import them to another instance with the same folder structure.