How to get a subset of fields from an API within anothe field

  • 1 March 2021
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Hi, I am trying to limit the amount of data transferred back from the API.

I can get a subset of fields using fields=.. parameter in the query.

However, I want to limit also a set of fields returned within a nested structure. For example when I call

/dashboards I need to get dashboard id, title and folder id and name.

fields=id,title,space works fine, but I get all sub fields of a folder tag. How do I pass in something like,


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1 reply

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Looks like the subset can be passed in in parenthesis for a non-nested struture:



However, I still cannot find a way to do it for a nested structure. For example this is part of all_models call:

"explores": [ { "description": null, "label": "User Country Channel Price Type", "hidden": true, "group_label": "GPM PS MODELN Approval", "name": "mn_gpm_user_country_channel_pt", "can": {} }


does not limit the explores tag set.