How sum fields in different explores?

  • 12 February 2019
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Hi All,

I tried use merged results to sum fields in diffrents explore, but not worked, there are other way to do this?

someone can help me please?


Douglas Rezende

3 replies

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Hey Douglas! I know finding information you need from Looker means alot to a data analyst. What error are you looking at? Are you able to screenshot and post it here so the community will be better able to assist you?

Just by any chance if you get this:

You will need to select the primary key to merge the 2 dataset on both view.

If you want to read more about merging in Looker. You can check out the documentation at

A transact SQL solved my problem.

Thanks a lot

May I ask how ‘transact SQL’ work please? I have sth similar need to tackle.