How embed user can copy Lookml dashboard or UDF dashboard?

  • 18 September 2018
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Is there a way for embed user to copy dashboards?

When embed user accesses Lookml dashboard ‘Copy from Lookml into space’ is not available.

Also, when user selects his own user dashboard, how is it possible to make a copy of it into either same space or another space?

Browse space is not available for embed user, so he has no access to Copy button from a space.

We have the following permissions:


6 replies

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Hi @Arkadi_Tereshenkov

It’s currently not possible for embed users to copy dashboards, but I’ve passed this request on to our product team! The embed_browse_spaces permission adds the ability to access the content browser at the top right of the embed space, but not to copy yet.



I also need this feature. I know this thread is old but just want to reiterate the need.

It would be very nice to have the feature, as well as the possibility to create a blank dashboard.

This is absolutely needed. We are dying without this ability. Having to recreate new dashboards is a real pain. 

Looks like you can do this through the folder modal in the embeded context. It just doesn’t appear in the ellipsis for the dashboard

Hello, we also need this feature. I found this feature request in pendo, it only has 2 like, I’ll encourage everyone interested in this to go an give it a thumbs up, so we can get this in Looker’s radar:

FR: 86540