How can I access Scheduler History through API?

  • 13 March 2018
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I want to build an automated tool to get Scheduler History (eg. a program running through crontab). For that, I started by reading de Looker API docs. It seems not possible to get Scheduler History by using Looker API. How can I make this action automatized?

2 replies

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Hey @jdscardoso,

Looker has a number of metadata tables which store schedule job data. Some of these tables are exposed to exploration. One of these explores are “scheduled_plan” which is found via /explore/i__looker/scheduled_plan.

You might consider saving a look with that data and running that look via the API.


Philip M

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Readers should note that (as far as I can tell) /explore/i__looker/scheduled_plan includes only plans still scheduled. The histories (past jobs) of any plans that have been deleted are not available through that explore.