Getting "422 (Unprocessable Entity)" error while triggering "run_sql_query" API from the Extension

  • 31 August 2021
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We created a Looker extension using ReactJS and embed Looker dashboard in it.

I was trying to interact the snowflakeDB (Which is connected to fetch data for dashboard). Created a function were I am triggering “create_sql_query” and “run_sql_query”. “create_sql_query” is running and getting response with slug. But while calling “run_sql_query” the API getting error. Please find the screenshots below,

Could anyone please help me on this. 

JS code:

Browser Console:

Browser Network Tab:

Getting response for “create_sql_query”:

getting error for “run_sql_query”:


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1 reply

The issue is resolved .  Its a coding mistake from my side. The issue was with the request. Tried “inline_json” instead of “AuditTraildata” its getting response. Understood that we need to specify the result format there.