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  • 24 September 2020
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How do I make a logout link work in the extension SDK?

I am using the react extension framework SDK, and running my extension framework application in /spartan mode. When I try calling lookerCoreSDK.spartanLogout(), the SDK throws an error in my console that reads Logout from extension not allowed.

I tried adding “logout” as an entitlement in the manifest file, but it didn’t improve anything.

2 replies

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I think you got this resolved, as I’m pulling from an internal discussion I saw, but— It looks like when in Spartan mode, the logged in user has to be in the “extensions_only” group for logout to work. We specifically allow non-spartan users to hit /spartan so they can see what it looks like as a spartan user w/out having to switch to a spartan user, but they won’t be experiencing the full spartan experience.

Please keep the extension framework + spartan mode feedback coming! Sorry for the late reply.

We have users who we can not put in the extensions_only group, but use the spartan mode 99% of the time. Also the home url is the extension framework in spartan. Is there no option to create a custom logout for all users without the need to let the users manually change spartan to "extensions" and use the looker logout?