Edit bulk rows through looker action hub (How to provide user comments for multiple rows in looker data)

  • 1 November 2021
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I have a scenario, like in my dashboard i have a table view kind of look, where i have provided a data action… i want user to provide input comments, and then i want to store those comments in the database and show back to the looker dashboard.

These user input comments will be shown for each row in the looker. This one i am trying through looker data action where i need to build a cloud function to capture the comments and write back to database.

But i have a urgent required like instead of getting a single row inputs from the user, i want to get same user input comments for bulk/multiple rows in the table.

Can anyone please guide me how to complete this task?


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2 replies

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If I’m correct, your process is:

  1. User clicks on a row to open the Looker action pop-up
  2. User inputs a comment and submits Looker action
  3. Looker writes to database
  4. User refreshes dashboard and multiple rows receive the submitted comment, not just the single row they clicked on


This is possible if all rows have a similar column in column, but not if you want the user to be able to choose which rows the action affects. For example, let’s say you have the following data:

City Name Comment
New York Jeff this is a comment
New York Celine this is a comment
New York Dietrich this is a comment
Chicago Romaine  


If the user made a comment for Jeff (or Celine or Deitrich), you could then apply that comment to all other users that have a “City” of “New York”. However, the user would not be able to specify exactly which rows that the Looker action would affect, such as just Jeff and Dietrich, or just Celine and Romaine.

This is because you could simply take the table you’re writing comments to and join it via city (within the explore), but not via name; this would allow the comments to be displayed across all names under a given city.

Thank you.

You are right Ryannn29. This is my scenario like what you have explained. I just want to filter the data and apply same comments on all rows. Please let me know if you can assist 🙏