Drill to dashboard and pass along the filter values

  • 12 November 2015
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I’ve created a parent dashboard with a widget that drills to another dashboard. So, can I capture the filter values set on the parent dashboard and pass them along to the child dashboard?

Example: My clients may filter the parent dashboard down by state or equipment manufacture. The child dashboard would also filter by those values as well.

4 replies

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Sorry, there is no easy way to do this. We are looking closely at dashboard cross drilling. Stay tuned.

@lloydtabb, I was wondering whether there is any news on this particular functionality (if it will be included, and if so, when this will be), as I encounter the same issue and think this functionality would have much added value.


Edit: in your previous post you mentioned that there is nou ‘easy way’ to do this. Is there a hard way?

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Hi @Tomas,

This is still something they are considering and working on how to best implement this; It is a bit tricky. There is this but it’s pretty gnarly and super hacky, might or might not work. But I’ll loop in my product team about your concerns!



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Is there any update on this ?