Drill Menu Does Not Work in Embedded Looks and Dashboards

  • 18 May 2016
  • 7 replies

The Drill menu shows up in embedded looks and dashboards but it does not work. Once you try to drill into data; by selecting the option from the menu of an embedded look (which does not work), the explore window does not let you switch between visualizations, collapse or expand menu etc.

7 replies

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Hey @lthomas,

Is this for the dropdown with the … menu item on the dimension value?

The explore iframe is indeed chromeless and without a navigation, this is because most of our customers using it don’t want too much of our branding or graphic design within their application. I would recommend jumping to the Looker itself so the menu can populate if the use case needs users to navigate around Spaces and etc.

Hi! yes, this is for the dropdown with the … menu item. The problem I have is that if I try to use the drill menu (in an embedded context) not only does it not work but it also breaks the current explore functionality. The explore window will not permit me to switch between visualizations, expand or collapse menus, add/remove filters etc.

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Hey @lthomas,

This may be a bug, can you contact support at, they’re also available on chat!

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This was fixed as of 3.46 if anything similar comes up please visit

I am still experiencing this issue. Where drill_fields work in Looker but not in embedded iframes.

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I feel like we ran in to this problem as well at some point. I don’t remember the exact fix but I think it was a permission issue on the embed. Perhaps the see_drill_overlay param?

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Just to back up what Scott says above, if your embedded users are not seeing the link to drill, then it is indeed worth verifying that they have the see_drill_overlay permission.