Drill down to underneath data

  • 8 February 2021
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I got following use case that I am not sure if that’s something I can do with Looker

When user click on cell in table that contains aggregated data (requirement is : now he want’s to see some raw data that were used during building this aggregation - full raw data are stored in separate datasource)



Aggregated column displayed to user :

Id CountryName Aggregated Column
1 Austria 3
2 France 4


Aggregated Column - contains what user wants to drill down to see raw data:

Assume that for calculation of this “Aggregated Column” row 1 

we have following ids : 5,6,7 - you can see 3 because aggregation was simple count


Now ids : 5,6,7 - user want to see more information that are stored in separate source only available  by some rest api and is not possible to place them in any datasource available for Looker 


I can see here


but it only support drill down fields to construct SQL .

Is this something I can try with : ?


Not sure if possible please advice 






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