Displaying custom explores in Slackbot

  • 17 March 2017
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We just installed the Looker Slackbot in my company. Everything is working as described in the Github page (it looks very cool!), but we were wondering if it’s possible for the bot to display the graphics that are custom explores without using the share button.

So for example:

This works: https:// # Custom explore with the “share” button

This works: # Look

This doesn’t work:,vis&qid=4gfidfnAPwnB1GBFElvgcV

Is the functionality done but something failing in our system, or it’s just not possible at the moment?

I think that it’d be nice to make that last link work because I think that’s how our users are actually

sharing its links.


1 reply

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Heya @alberto! I don’t think we’ve got a way to make this work at the moment, and I’m not sure if there’s some deeper technical reason behind the inability for us to display the visualization from the normal URL for an explore.

I can talk to Product about this for you and update if and when I hear more!