create_user api not saving the email address

Hi was trying to create a user using the create user api. I was able to save and retrieve back the created user but I was wondering the email is always null even though I sent it with value.  If anyone could also direct me to documentation where I could see the list of acceptable fields for the body for the create user I would appreciate.


This is my sample parameters(body) I sent:

var newUserProfile = new LookerUserProfile()
                       FirstName = "MyFirstname",
                       LastName = "MylastName",
                       Email = ""

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Hi @charliev 

That would be working as expected. As you can see here, the email field is read-only

To add an email credential, you would need to run a second call -- create_email


Here are some other resources that potentially could provide a framework or give you an idea of some common workflows to create users.