Building a data dictionary in Python

  • 9 April 2019
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I am trying to create a data dictionary using the Looker API, but I am having a difficult time understanding some key points in the available documentation.

I am able to connect to the API and call functions, observe results, etc., so I do not need help setting any of that up.

Does anyone have experience building a data dictionary in python similar to the dictionary outlined here?

I am confused as to how exactly you use a javascript plugin and where the data dictionary would live. The existing examples are in Ruby which I am unfamiliar with. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!

4 replies

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Hey Conor, there’s a bit of discussion about that going on here:

It looks like somebody is wondering the same thing re: the javascript plugin. From what I know, I think the data dictionary would live in a separate web page you’d host yourself, and within that webpage you’d use a javascript plugin to generate the data table. There’s a bunch of examples on the website here:

Hello Looking at creating a data dictionary, also with 0 ruby experience.

I’m also wondering is there a place where we can add all the descriptions for the same dimension across different explores?

for example my user_id is available i several tables, can I add the description in a single place?

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Looker now offers a native Data Dictionary in beta! Straight from within your Looker UI.

As of version 7.8, you can download the Data Dictionary from your Marketplace. You can find documentation here. It only takes a few clicks to install, and comes with a host of functionality such as:

  • Dedicated UX for searching through field descriptions and metadata

  • Quick filters to quickly identify and audit fields (e.g. find all fields without a description)

  • Preview field values by showing the top 10 values for any given field

  • Simple embedding for consumption in external applications

Please feel free to post any feedback here once you’re up and running!

is there a way to export the Looker Data Dictionary contents out using the native Data Dictionary?