Automatic syncing project with git repository

  • 12 February 2020
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Hello there!

I have been trying to build a script using PythonSDK to automatically pull the data directly to the project from github’s master branch. Is there any possiblity to do so, maybe some of you tried to do something similiar?

There is no problem with syncing it manually inside the project, but I would love to automate this task.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

5 replies

Problem is resolved (right after I have posted my first question here) 🙂

It is simple as using reset_project_to_production() function from pythonSDK - it pulls data directly from your repository.

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there is a simple hook to do this:

Thanks for your response Ian. It is not exactly what I have been looking for but I am grateful.

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You can just curl your URL from python and its synced. If this is not what you are after then if you explain further there might be something else possible.

Hi biggie, I have used this  reset_project_to_production()  function, but still not able to pull remote changes to looker