API to get underlying table columns used by dimensions and measures

  • 23 August 2022
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I Hope you are doing well. 
I am getting the explore definition using GET /lookml_models/{lookml_model_name}/explores/{explore_name} Looker API
fields attribute of the above API's response contains multiple dimensions and measures. 
I want to know the metadata about original database columns used to create these dimensions and measures.
Suppose I have a mysql db added as a locker connection. I created a LookML view with one table in the mysql db and created some dimensions and measures from that table. We added a lookml model with a lookml explore using the above view.
So I want to know that Dimension A is getting created from the Mysql Table.Column.
Please let me know which APIs we can use to get the above information or any other way to extract the necessary metadata

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