API Permissions required to update dashboard filters

  • 5 July 2021
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API Permissions required to run "update_dashboard_filters" or "update_dashboard" command through Looker API 3.1

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Hi @Ranjit 1312, the permissions for the user to update the dashboard via the API would be the same in the UI. The user would generally need Manage Access, Edit to the folder the dashboard is located in. They would also need access to the Explores/Views/Models that are used to create the dashboard. This article has some more details. 


From a permissions level: Users can view user-defined dashboards in folders but must have explore permission for any relevant models to explore those dashboards. Users also need View content access to see dashboards in folders. Users who also have both the save_content permission and the Manage Access, Edit content access to a folder can create user-defined dashboards in that folder.


Generally, speaking I would recommend starting with the principle of least privilege and creating a test user to validate the permissions before applying them to any production users. 


Please let us know if you have any questions.