API bug: Without admin role, search_users results are wrong

  • 21 October 2015
  • 2 replies

Version 3.28.11

Let’s say there’s an API3 user who does not have the admin role.

If you do search_users(email: "") the result should probably be an empty array.

Instead, you get the current user. Example (in this case, user 74 is the API3 user):

[1] pry(#<Looker::Api>)> client.search_users(email: '').first
=> {:id=>74,

So . . . I would say have this call return an empty array (unless it’s a match to the API user) or document this behavior.

I stumbled into this using the wrong credentials and the results were unexpected.

2 replies

Userlevel 3

Hi John,

Our engineers are taking a look at this now.

For a quicker resolution file issues with or talk to us on chat so that we can look into this right away and troubleshoot.

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Hey John,

Just an update, this has been fixed in release 3.34 which will be rolling in a few weeks.

Let us know if issues persist after this!