API availability - Database connection

  • 10 January 2022
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We need a way to check if the model databases are online.

According to the following page:

There are two simple ways to validate that your Looker instance is running.

  1. Append /alive to your Looker instance’s URL like this:

    If your instance is able to respond to a web request you’ll receive a 200 OK HTTP status code.

  2. Append /availability to your Looker instance’s URL like this:

    This URL performs a more complete check of several underlying subsystems and will also respond with a 200 OK HTTP status code if all is well.


What does “/availability ” do? Which underlying subsystems does it check?

Does Looker reflect a model database outage in its “/availability ” endpoint?

If models are unable to load due to a DB connection issue, but the looker application is online, is there a way to check the health of all the models?

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