Creating Internal Documentation to Support Looker User Adoption

  • 13 April 2022
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Are you a Looker admin or someone who is responsible for the adoption and/or enablement of Looker at your organization? If so, do you currently have a way to organize and promote Looker resources for your end users?


If you do, that’s great and we would love to hear about how you’re doing this today in the comments below! 👏🏻

And if you haven’t thought about this yet, or if you’re looking for more tips, we have you covered. Below please find some tips and tricks on how to put together effective onboarding and enablement resource pages for your end users.


Firstly, we would highly recommend that at a very minimum, your documentation includes information on the items listed below:

  • Brief overview of Looker, what is the vision for Looker @ your organization

    • Why should they care? In what scenarios should they use it for? What’s in it for them/does it make their jobs easier?

  • How to request access to Looker 

  • Information on training ( or company-specific Looker trainings)

  • Support channels (where do they go if they have questions? how do they get in touch with your team/ the team that supports their Looker questions?)

  • Feedback mechanism (where can they submit feedback and requests)



Resources to help you get started:

  • Here is documentation on how you can set a custom homepage in your Looker instance. The documentation describes how you can leverage the pre-built homepage or you can set the default homepage to a specific board, folder, or a Markdown file (such as a README or document file in a project). Of course you can also set up links that link out to existing tools such as Sharepoint or Confluence if that is where you'd like to host the documentation.

    • If you decide to leverage the pre-built homepage, you can take advantage of this admin side panel feature where you can push announcements to your users and/or link to training and internal documentation.

  • Another place to plug these internal resources is in the the drop-down Help menu at the top right corner of the Looker interface, read how to do so here.


We hope this helps and please share any thoughts, feedback, or personal examples in the comments below 😊


We are starting up monthly Adoption Community posts that will be posted on the second Wednesday of each month, so please stay tuned for more tips!

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Thank you so much @kmal14 !! This is great. Effective onboarding and enablement resource pages are an important step for Looker adoption. I’d love to hear from this group on how you all  are organizing and promoting Looker resources for end users at your companies. Please share below!