Year-on-Year, Point in Time Comparison

  • 7 April 2021
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Hi all, I am relatively new to Looker but not to SQL and hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm having. I am trying to create a graph that will compare number of nights booked vs lead time (how far out people book). I want to compare 2021 so far, to the same time period in 2019. I can't see a way to filter for this specifically, does anybody know of a work around for this?

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1 reply

There is a how to article related to this: How to do year on year comparison


Also, if you have access to the model, you could add month_name, month_num, day_of_year or week_of_year timeframe to your time dimension group.  Then, you could filter on any of these in addition to the year you have filtered in the explore.