Oracle Responsys - Looker; automating exports

  • 12 December 2016
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Is there a place where I can find more information about how to go about sending file exports from Oracle Responsys to a Looker customer’s instance?

The use case is to allow for marketing data exports to flow from Responsys Interact into customer’s Looker DB where it can be developed into their reporting model.

Or specifically to know if it’s possible to have an sftp folder associated directly to the Looker instance.

Or more generally - what are the suggested ways to build 3rd party connections in Looker? Are there specific partners or solutions that one would use for integrating Looker with their ESP (email service provider) or marketing platform?

Thanks in advance, any advice much appreciated!

-Nicole H

1 reply

Hi Nicole,

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Stitch, and we work with lots of Looker customers to help get their data from operational databases and SaaS tools into Looker.

We support 35 data sources, and we also have an API to which you can send data from any source.

We don’t yet have native support for response Responsys, but we’d love to work with you to get it added if it would be useful. My email is jake @ if you’d like to talk.