Multiple values comparison with arrow

  • 12 January 2021
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How I can show arrows in the multiple values comparison viz?

I have table like this, 



for the “percent change month over month column”, I would like to show the values with arrows like these.




I know this is done easily in the single value comparison. Can we do the same thing for the multiple value comparison? Does anybody have a trick?


Thank you, 

2 replies

I don’t believe this is currently possible but I’d also love to see this feature added for Multiple Values visualizations.

In my use case, positive values were bad, so they’re red in the color coding below, but here are the two iterations of the colored arrow that I used:


Using LookML

You can use the html parameter in a dimension for the formatting:

  dimension: change_7_day_rolling_average {
type: number
value_format_name: percent_0
sql: (${daily_volume} * 1.0 / ${7_day_rolling_average}) - 1 ;;
html: {% if value > 0 %}
<p style="color: #990000">▲ {{ rendered_value }}</p>
{% elsif value < 0 %}
<p style="color: #009900">▼ {{ rendered_value }}</p>
{% else %}
<p style="color: #000000">{{ rendered_value }}</p>
{% endif %} ;;


Using Table Calculations

In the table calculations, make a field for your value and set the Formatting to “Custom...” and enter this string:

"▲  "+0%; "▼  "-0%; 0


Table calculation formatting

which gives you this in the Data Results: 

Data column values

You can then set the conditional formatting in the visualization menu for red and green

Conditional formatting rules for color