Multiple values comparison with arrow

  • 12 January 2021
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How I can show arrows in the multiple values comparison viz?

I have table like this, 



for the “percent change month over month column”, I would like to show the values with arrows like these.




I know this is done easily in the single value comparison. Can we do the same thing for the multiple value comparison? Does anybody have a trick?


Thank you, 

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2 replies

I don’t believe this is currently possible but I’d also love to see this feature added for Multiple Values visualizations.

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In my use case, positive values were bad, so they’re red in the color coding below, but here are the two iterations of the colored arrow that I used:


Using LookML

You can use the html parameter in a dimension for the formatting:

  dimension: change_7_day_rolling_average {
type: number
value_format_name: percent_0
sql: (${daily_volume} * 1.0 / ${7_day_rolling_average}) - 1 ;;
html: {% if value > 0 %}
<p style="color: #990000">▲ {{ rendered_value }}</p>
{% elsif value < 0 %}
<p style="color: #009900">▼ {{ rendered_value }}</p>
{% else %}
<p style="color: #000000">{{ rendered_value }}</p>
{% endif %} ;;


Using Table Calculations

In the table calculations, make a field for your value and set the Formatting to “Custom...” and enter this string:

"▲  "+0%; "▼  "-0%; 0


Table calculation formatting

which gives you this in the Data Results: 

Data column values

You can then set the conditional formatting in the visualization menu for red and green

Conditional formatting rules for color